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We provide a full range of bookkeeping and tax services to individuals and small businesses. We believe in helping you focus on what you do well so that your business can flourish.

- Computerized accounting: QuickBooks, QuickBooks Online


- Payroll Services/WSIB

- Setup, training, & assistance in QuickBooks, QuickBooks Online

- Personal tax returns, including unincorporated businesses/E-file

Are you in a muddle, with bookkeeping way behind? Don't despair, just call us! We will help you get back on track and we can help you stay on track too. You don't need to sort in advance for us.

Bookkeeping (Desktop & Cloud based)

We offer a wide variety of bookkeeping services, using some of the most popular software packages available such as QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online.

Our bookkeeping services can be on a monthly, quarterly, or a real time basis, depending on your needs. Our services are custom tailored to the individual client’s needs.

You simply bring us your paperwork for each period and we will post all the data, reconcile your bank and credit card statements, prepare any HST and/or other returns, and provide you with up to date profit and loss information.


We will prepare your payroll each pay period (based on the employee hours you send us), and send you the paystubs you need to issue the actual cheques to your employees. Each month we will complete your source deduction remittance report and advise you of the amount you need to pay to the Canada Revenue Agency.

Throughout the year, we will ensure that vacation pay and statutory holidays are handled in accordance with the Employment Standards Act. We will prepare your WSIB remittance reports as required. Should an employee leave, we will prepare the Record of Employment for them.

At year end, we will prepare your T4’s and T4 Summary for submission to the government.

Sales Tax

In addition to your payroll related remittances, we can also look after your HST reports for you.

Normally this is part of our regular bookkeeping work. As long as we get the source documents from you in enough time, we will have all reports and remittances ready for filing by their due dates.

Software Assistance

Rather do it yourself?

If you have the time and the inclination to do your own bookkeeping, but don’t quite know where to start, we can help.

We have solid experience with QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online as well as Microsoft Office. We are available to help you install and set up your files. We can also help with understanding the various forms and remittances that need to be done. We have coached various clients who are starting out in business and taught them how to do returns and other tasks.

Just call us in on an as-needed basis and we’ll give you the support you would like.

Personal Services – Tax return Preparation

We can prepare your annual income tax returns for you, including self-employed businesses, and rental properties. If you need to get caught up for other years we can help you with that as well. Our tax returns are generally all e-filed unless they are older than three years or due to special circumstances. We are also available to help with follow up from the Canada Revenue Agency for processing reviews.

Paperwork to provide for bookkeeping

  • Bank and credit card statements

  • Cheque stubs or cheque images (on bank statements)

  • Deposit slips/information

  • Invoices

  • Receipts

  • E-transfer details (both sent and received)

  • Pretty much anything with a dollar sign on it